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adsense vs adwords: Big Differences And Similarities

adsense vs adwords: Big Differences And Similarities

WHAT IS AdSense;

AdSense is a Google advertising program that allows websites and bloggers to make money by showing Google ads.and it is the easiest way to earn money online, it is the most valuable and most popular program on the internet, it is launched by google on 2003. 


Basically, there are two ways to earn money with Google AdSense, 
1. CLICKS= This is based on how many people click on the ads and you don't have to click on the ads our own.

2. IMPRESSIONS= This is based on the number of page views of posts or post with ads.
First, you need to sign up the google account and enter code to your website or blog. and then you choose what kind of ads you want to display, how your ads look, where you want to show up.

 If you use blogger you need to use Monetize tab to set up and manage AdSense account. 

WHAT IS AdWords;

Google AdWords is an advertising program or a system by google for business, in which advertisers bids on some certain keywords when users click on that keywords on google search since they pay for this click or search. this is how to earn money with google on search. Google AdWords launched in 2000. 


"PAY-PER-CLICK''= Google AdWorks is a pay-per-click advertising program that will only charge when somebody clicks on the ads and visits on your ad and this is based on the keywords who you choose. Google AdWords is free in reference to the tools and keywords research features that they have to offer.  


  1. AdSense is for websites publishers and AdWords is for businesses
  2. AdSense pay websites owners while businesses pay AdWords
  3. The process for setting up AdSense and AdWords are different. 

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