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instagram vs facebook how is instagram different from facebook

instagram vs facebook how is instagram different from facebook

Instagram vs facebook how is Instagram different from facebook


how is Instagram different from facebook

As you know in today's world social media is available or so easy to use for everyone, in the race of uplifting many social media users introduce new and latest apps for users of social media, today the famous apps on the internet are FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, WHATSAPP, TWITTER, YOUTUBE or etc. but today we discuss about Facebook and Instagram that who is the best so lets start:


Facebook is a social network where users share photos and videos, users give comments, watch movies news and play online games with their friends, chat with their friends and do many interesting activities in this social network. Facebook is introduced by MARK ZUCKERBERG in 2006.


  1. you can send messages to your friend or family member for chatting.
  2. Facebook allows you to upload photos, videos or news.
  3. you can see live videos through facebook.
  4. you can maintain a friend list on facebook and you can make pages and groups.
these are the information of facebook now let us move to Instagram.

how is Instagram different from facebook


Instagram is a social networking app to share videos and photos to your friend and family members,
Instagram is introduced in 2010. like other apps, on Instagram, you can post comments you can follow a friend and you like photos.


  1. you can share photos or videos with your Instagram followers.
  2. you can post comments, like or share videos, photos.
  3. you can buy products from your Instagram influencer.
  4. you will able to create your own Instagram stories filter.
these are some features of Instagram. according to research that facebook is more familiar than Instagram and Facebook has high numbers of users than Instagram.

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