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Uses Of Internet:Advantages and Disadvantages

Uses Of Internet: Advantages and Disadvantages

Uses Of Internet:Advantages and Disadvantages
WHAT IS INTERNET &Uses Of Internet;

Internet is a network where users can get information, do online works, e-mailing, video chatting, social activities, online bookings, make new channels and you do thousands of workers on the internet. you can use the internet on mobiles, laptops, computers with the help of wifi. millions of people use the internet on a day, the internet has many advantages and disadvantages, here in this article I will show you.


Uses Of Internet:Advantages and Disadvantages


Thousands of companies offered jobs to the jobless people on their websites and the companies provide jobs on the basis of experience and criteria. what job you want you can search on the internet related to your experience.


People also use the internet for entertainment by watching new movies and listen to songs and they can easily download their favorite movies and songs via the internet and almost large no. of peoples use the internet for entertainment.


Peoples also use the internet for transferring the message from one place to another and this process is known as EMAIL. Secret agencies, companies, business, NGOs, schools, colleges, and many other departments use the internet for E-MAILING.  


People also use the internet for buying and selling of goods and services. if you want to buy new bikes, cars or you want to sell these things you need to use the internet. people also buy new clothes, shoes, jewelry, mobiles or laptop you can order food via the internet.  

Uses Of Internet: DISADVANTAGES;

Uses Of Internet:Advantages and Disadvantages

When you shop online, sometimes the quality of things are very bad when you buy online because you cannot touch or check properly the things during online shopping. so you need to be careful while online shopping and be aware of fraud sellers.


Mostly students use the internet for entertainment and this is the cause of loss of their studies because they spend more time on the internet while using different activities. so this is the big disadvantage for students.


The health problems are the main effect of using the internet more time, because of people using it more time on their home and they don't do any exercise so they feel tired, laziness and so many new health diseases born on their body and they don't able to do any work. 
So these are the advantages and disadvantages of the internet, so you need to use the internet when you need and don't use internet more time.

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