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you netflix Review with Many Features - Brown Techs

you netflix Review with Many Features - Brown Techs

you Netflix Review with Many Features - Brown Techsyou 


As you know Netflix is a streaming service that allows users to watch wide TV shows, documentaries, movies, and more on Netflix. Netflix also discovers new things and new movies and TV shows are added every month.

you Netflix review with many features;

you netflix Review with Many Features - Brown Techs
Netflix adds a new feature in its app. the information of this feature is reported in different ways but it is confirmed by the publication of Netflix. it is horizontal section much like others in the app. the new feature is a tab that shows the trailers of movies and shows coming on the week.

users can choose titles where they interested and then they will be reminded that the title is available to stream once it is. it is a good way to show cast new titles, and this method is so immediate and more effective than Netflix's current methods to send out information on new content.

The new feature is currently available on TV-based platforms; the Netflix apps for smart TVs, streaming devices and game apps. for now, there is no information about this feature on other platforms that when they are coming on other Netflix platform. although there is a dedicated ''coming soon'' section for android devices where users can view trailers of Netflix upcoming releases. 
you netflix Review with Many Features - Brown Techs

users will now able to see title set to release soon. the feature is coming up on other platforms in the coming month. title in this section will be updated every day and will be personalized for each Netflix subscriber according to their profile. 

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