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Face Changer Video - Face App Editor on the App Store

Face Changer Video - Face App Editor on the App Store

As you know Face app is now popular in the world, so that's why the Chinese company has an inverted face app video.

What is ZAO;

A new Chinese invent, where you can swap\change your face with celebrities, sports stars or any other who you like you can change in a video clip. there are more than million downloads on the last weekend but swiftly drew fire over privacy issues.

This ZAO app was first, uploaded in China's iOS app store last Friday and it immediately got viral on the world the app maker says on china's twitter-like Weibo, ZAO servers nearly crashed due to the surge in traffic.

ZAO app was the most downloaded app on china's iOS app store until 1 September.if you want to use this ZAO app first you need to capture some photo on your smartphone and then open the ZAO app with your mobile number.

Then you need to select a video of the celebrity where you swap your photo with the celebrity and then if you want to share with your friends you can.

Face App Editor on the App Store

In China, many people use ZAOafter seeing their friend post-clip-on the ZAO app. After this app goes viral people proclaimed that its privacy policies could endanger them.

The Chinese ZAO app makers said that the areas where they ignore to improve, they need some specific time to recover those mistakes because many complain people feel on this ZAO app.   

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