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Get free Privacy Policy for your website in 2019

Get free Privacy Policy for your website in 2019

Hello friends How are you all I hope you all are doing well. Today I will tell you, how to make a | About us | Contact us | privacy policy |Disclaimer |pages for your website or blog. Kindly follow the steps which are given below.


About us is amongst the most essential part of a blog or website. We all know that if we are doing blogging or working on a website then we have to select a topic and give information about the topic. Telling your audience about what type of content you are providing to them so for that About us is platform though which you provide details about your blog and also you can provide information about your self. About us is a good way to build a good relationship with your audience. You can also check my about us page or you can look below the screenshot and get an idea about how to write on about us page.


Now we talk about the contact form page. This is also from one of the important pages. Basically, in contact us form we create a form which helps the audience to contact with us. In this form, the audience comes and fill some details like name, email, and the message which the contact person get through Gmail.
That's it this is the only thing which audiance do on contact us form and convey there message to the corresponding person of the website. I have given the code below which helps you to create a contact us form on your website just copy and past it on the HTML on your contact page. You can also see it in the screenshot below.

Code for the Contact us form.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy is the most important part of your website. In the privacy policy, you tell your audiance about your website privacy and policy. This will also help you to get Google Adsense approval without privacy policy your chance to get Adsense approval will decrease. There are many ways to get privacy policy to your website, you can generate online for free also there are also paid methods which can help you t generate privacy policy to your website but you can also get it from the link just replace our website info with your.


Disclaimer is also important for a website which helps to get AdSense approval fast. It could be generated online and as I have given it in the link just go and get the disclaimer for your website or you can get it from my website disclaimer.


Today I have told you about how to creat  About us, Contact us, privacy policy, Disclaimer pages I hope you like this post if you face any problem regarding creating these pagese you can feel free to contact us, Goodbye.

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